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Tuesday, 01 December 2015 11:38

Meet the Families of the Year

Written by Allison K. Rouse

For 27 years, the Family Guidance Center of Alabama has sponsored Families of the Year Awards, recognizing outstanding families nominated for exceptional family teamwork, individual growth and family involvement. This year three families from Alabama’s River Region were honored at a special ceremony at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts on November 15.

Do your boys prefer to duke it out rather than talk it out? Raising brothers to work out conflict respectfully despite wildly different personalities or fierce competitive streaks can prove challenging. But set a positive example, and you’ll find that nurturing brotherly love isn’t impossible!

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 09:13

Get Excited about Giving with a Themed Holiday

Written by Sara Marchessault

The gift giving part of the holiday season sometimes gets a bad “wrap.” We are inundated with reminders of what is most important at this time of year: time with the people we love, warm embraces, carols, sharing meals together, and just slowing down to be with one another in a way that we often are not throughout the year.

Tuesday, 01 December 2015 09:01

When Parenting Roles Reverse

Written by Gayla Grace

I couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down my cheeks as I drove away from my parent’s house. No longer able to deny the effects of Mom’s dementia, I didn’t know how to cope.  I watched Mom’s confusion as she looked for the bathroom in her own home and put toilet paper in the freezer. I didn’t know how to answer when she asked where her four little girls were (me and my sisters of years past). Anger gripped me. Who’s to blame for this horrible disease? Why did this happen? Where is the mom who raised me?

Thursday, 05 November 2015 17:12

Hovering Parents...Anxious Kids

Written by Christa Hines

Helicopters carry heavy loads and hover as they rescue people from precarious situations. As parents, we sometimes perform helicopter duties like carrying a sobbing child through a crowded airport or scooping up a toddler before she runs into a busy street. Parents who constantly swoop in to rescue their children from distressful and not life-threatening situations, however, may cause more harm than good.

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